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Oven Baked Dog Food

Our Oven Baked Kibble is thoughtfully created in small batches and carefully formulated with ingredients you can see. Our kibbles are slowly baked to retain nutrients and become a highly palatable, delicious food for your precious pup.

What our customers are saying...

"Very good food"

"I received a free sample of this with an order and both my dogs LOVE it, I like the fact that I can actually see the pieces of vegetables in it and it smells like wholesome baked food. You can tell it is minimally processed by the look and smell of the product. I will be ordering a full size bag for sure."

Dehydrated Base Mixes

Our premix blends make it easy for you to cater to your dog's unique tastes and needs. With this grain-free dog food base mix, all you have to do is select a protein, add water, and mix. Use as a nutritious snack or "Build a better bowl" by adding to our Oven Baked Kibble. Give your dog the benefits of a gourmet meal made daily without the hassle.

What our customers are saying...

"Dog loves it!"

"My very picky 10 year old early stage kidney disease dog loves it! I can adjust the protein to exactly what she needs and the phosphorus levels of the base mix are well below standards for a k.d, dog. I tried a few different dehydrated diets and they either didn't sit well or she just didn't like them. She now begs for her food which she never did before. It was a daily battle to get her to eat. Can't say enough good about this formula. Wish it was sold on larger bags as I have an 80lb dog."


Freeze Dried Proteins

Our Freeze Dried Proteins are perfect add-ins for our Base Mixes and Oven Baked Kibble, and can be used as a healthy, single-ingredient treat for your dog! They can be served crunchy or reconstituted with a bit of water. 

What out customers are saying...

"Awesome product"

"Our 5 month old Cavalier King Charles was a very picky eater. He is a very active dog. We’ve been slowly adding more distance on our hikes and do everyday training sessions. At Breakfast, he ate maybe an 1/8 of a cup of his puppy food and maybe, on a good day, a half cup at dinner time. He is so skinny we were really worried. My sister, a breeder of champion Tibetan Terriers, recommended chopping up one piece of The Pet Gourmet lamb liver and mixing it in with his food. The individual pieces aren’t that big, and I didn’t think it would make a difference. Since adding, He has never missed a spec of his puppy food. It was an immediate success! Such a very small change created a huge difference. Thank you Pet Gourmet!!"

Baked Functional Treats

These wheat, corn, and soy-free treats are formulated to be functional and delicious. They are baked and contain all natural ingredients to help your dog's Calming, Hip & Joint, and Skin & Coat concerns.

What our customers are saying...

"Hyper pup with endless energy!"

"I have a pooch who goes from 0-100 easily and to say I was skeptical that these would help calm him was an understatement but these calmed him within 20 mins of him eating the treat. He slept all night without nose bopping me at 3am. These are awesome, and I can't wait to try them the next time he goes in the car with me... while he likes car rides he gets anxious. Thank you for helping me calm him when needed."

Flavored Chews

You can't go wrong with an endless supply of chews. With Coconut Blueberry, Pumpkin & Honey, Beef, and Chicken, dogs will be teaching themselves tricks to get you to give them these delicious chew sticks. For smaller dogs, these can be broken easily into appropriate sized pieces.

What our customers are saying...

"My pup can’t get enough!"

"I bought these so that I could bribe my Goldendoodle to let me brush her each day, figuring maybe they’d work for a few minutes to distract her.

They. Are. Magic.

She sits and chews until they’re gone and doesn’t even seem to notice that she’s being groomed until she eats the last bite. Plus they smell AMAZING. Every time I open the cabinet I keep them in I can smell the coconut and it smells sooo good. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these."

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